low FPS issue....
hello ... well im new to pcsx2 .... im trying to run killzone on my pc .. the specs are as follows :

intel Dual Core CPU E5500 2.8ghz
intel DG43NB board(intel X4500 graphics chipset)

win 7 32 bit

now the ps2 bios spash and logo runs fine giving me a good 30-60fps ... in DX9 hardware and software mode .. but whenever the game starts after the killzone logo in the bottom left .. the FPS drop to 2-3 fps .. what am i missing ? .. im running the GS plugin with native resolution have tried DX9 software and hardware mode .. is this pc good enough for killzone ? ... please help

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it's the graphis chipset, you will need a new graphics card for it to work well. (either that or play with the resolution, LOWER than 512x512 (which WILL make things a little blocky)
thanks for the quick response Smile ...mm yeah i had the same guess. ... what card would be good enough to play kz at a decent 30fps at native resolution ?
eh.. I'm using an 8600 GT 512 it works well for just about every game. and I only spent about $60us for it
You need to set the "skipdraw" hack in GSdx to 2 to avoid most of the slowdowns, then use the "Native" Checkbox since you have a slow graphics card but I'm afraid it may not be enough anyway.

The recommended cards for PCSX2 are at least a nvidia 8800GT or 9600GT or anything higher than those.
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