low cpu usage

i have a laptop that is below average but pcsx2's cpu usage is 70 percent at most while i got about 40fps (which actually means 20fps)

ee is near 100 percent but cpu usage is 70 percent and that's confusing!

most of the time i got 60fps but in the wide areas it came under 50fps! mtvu is turned on (if i turn it off i get even lower fps) pcsx2 version is 1.6 and preset is 3 (4 or above gave false fps) vsync is off and laptop's power plan is high performance

default configuration except 2x resolution and crc hack on aggressive (fps does not change when using other crc hack settings) funny thing is on native resolution i got same exact fps!

using opengl or turning on 8-bit textures didn't help either

intel core i3 4000m 2.4ghz
nvidia gt 740m
2*4gb ddr3 ram
windows 7 sp1 64bit

my question is why cpu usage never get above 70 percent?



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i tried using hwmonitor and cpu cores usage was about:

90% on core0

and 50-60% on other 3 cores!

while framerate was 40fps and ee about 99%
using cinebench all cores got 100% usage

does it mean pcsx2 does not recognize my cpu?
Most 3d games require a cpu with 1600 single threading performance(stp)and that cpu is just a dual core with hyper threading and stp of 1222
Simply put,your cpu is not powerful enough to allow pcsx2 to work at full speed while working on everything else windows related
Just because the cpu doesn't go to 100% in task manager,it doesn't mean pcsx2 is not using at

You have only two real cores

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