low fps
plugins currently used:
gsdx 4600(sse2) 0.1.16
ssspsx pad 1.7.1
spu2x r4600m 1.4
cdvd gigaherz (r4510) 0.8.0

running ffx in the disc drive not with an iso incase either of those is important, and using an
amd a8-3500m
6620g crossfired with 6470m.(1gb dedicated vram)
kingston 8gb pc3-10600 1333

my problem was originally a weird sound in the background of my razer megalodons... but i dont think it was them or an actual error, just the effect of the slowed down sound... ill repost if the frames go up and its still there. anyway so far im averaging 35fps or so in gameplay/movies so for now im wondering if there is any way for my comp to run ffx at 60fps without trashing the image quality/sound... i.e. a different plugin set or something.

basically i want to know if its my setup, or my comp that's bottlenecking my fps, and the best way to fix it.


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post your setting, and make an iso out of your disc.
(01-23-2012, 07:23 AM)naoan Wrote: post your setting, and make an iso out of your disc.

all my settings are default atm... didnt want to f anything up as i barely know anything about this x.x. just downloaded it yesterday. and making iso now Smile

and since it may now be relevant im using a 5400 500gb hdd.... which is why i was hesitant about the isos x.x, fricken bottlenecking dinosaur screwed up my windows rating even worse than it already was T-T

ran with iso, speed still averaging aprx 35fps during gameplay/movies.... i can play the crap out of them menus tho lol
id like to say im very impressed with the speed hacks. very very veryyyyy rarely ran into any gliches so far. and it nearly doubled my average gameplay framerates(always north of 55 usually in the 65-70 area) and the graphics look great Laugh... usually stay away from stuff that says it isnt recommended and may crash the game. Between that and the async audio i have no more issues. thanks a ton for the help Smile
I see, read the guide to navigate and familiarize yourself with pcsx2 option first http://pcsx2.net/guide.php

Then try using speedhack and modify gsdx setting, and set spu2-x to async.
1. Do not use your GPUs in Crossfire in PCSX2, it only uses one GPU and the drivers are still buggy for Async CrossfireX, usually dropping FPS below that of the single discrete GPU. Disable dual graphics and force PCSX2 on the HD 6470M and compare it with it being forced on just the 6620G. The HD 6620G may win cause its much more powerful, but in some games the HD 6470M may also win cause some resources are saved by not using the fusion GPU so cores get full potential. Though the HD 6470M is VERY, weak and is your main bottleneck here. For reference my notebook has the 6650M with the same APU.

2. Put "K10Stat" into Google and download that, my A8-3500M is good chip and does the 2.4GHz at 1.075v VID, 2.1GHz at stock VID of 1.012v and is very high up there on any A8-3500M clocking list you will find, so your mileage will vary. See the results 1.5GHz vs 2.4GHz, does (remember your discrete GPU is much weaker) in a thread I made here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-AMD-APUs-and-PCSX2, make sure you are running native res in HW mode DX 11.
-Core i7 6700k @ 4.5 GHz
-GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming 5
-G.SKILL Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4 2400 @ 14-13-13-30-1T
-EVGA GTX 970 4GB @ 1380/1853 MHz
-Crucial MX100 512GB, Silicon Power S60 120GB, Toshiba 2TB 7200 RPM
-PC P & C Silencer 750 Quad
-Windows 7 x64


-Core i7 4710MQ
-16GB DDR3 1866
-GTX 965M 4GB @ 1127/1353 MHz
-Mushkin ECO2 240GB, HGST 1TB 7200 RPM
-Windows 7 x64

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