makai kingdom cheating help
not sure if this is the right place... but
i tried to make a pnach for makai kingdom with codes i found here
so i checked how to do it and made the file and saved it to the cheats folder
it however says it doesn't find any cheats.. what did i do wrong then?
attached is the file

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.pnach   0x121AFAF5.pnach (Size: 1,17 KB / Downloads: 504)
[Image: 1719307.png]

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You didn't attach the file.

Anyways, you sure you got the CRC right? And it's a pnach file? Also, if there's a // in front of any of the cheats you need to remove it or it won't find them.
nvm.. apparantly the 0x is apparantly not part of the crc.. even if it said so in the log..
[Image: 1719307.png]

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