making pnach file
so hey guys im wondering how can i make my own pnach file cause i want to make cheat for kingdom hearts... but i dont know how and is it possible to make a pnach file when all the cheat codes are there? for example i want to all activate this cheat codes in 1 pnach fille..

88 Lucid Shard - 0A314923 00000063
89 Lucid Gem - 0A304923 00000063
90 Lucid Crystal -0A374923 00000063
91 Spirit Shard -0A364923 00000063
92 Spirit Gem - 0A354923 00000063
93 Power Shard - 0A344923 00000063
94 Power Gem - 0A4B4923 00000063
95 Power Crystal -0A4A4923 00000063
96 Blaze Shard - 0A494923 00000063
97 Blaze Gem - 0A484923 00000063
98 Frost Shard - 0A4F4923 00000063
99 Frost Gem -0A4E4923 00000063
100 Thunder Shard - 0A4D4923 00000063
101 Thunder Gem - 0A4C4923 00000063
102 Shiny Crystal - 0A434923 00000063
103 Bright Shard - 0A424923 00000063
104 Bright Gem -0A414923 00000063
105 Bright Crystal - 0A404923 00000063
106 Mystery Goo - 0A474923 00000063
107 Gale - 0A464923 00000063

is it possible? if so can u give me a complete guide on how to make a pnach file cause i cant see a thread containing a how to make a pnach file..

thank you for your future help
complete guide and understandable

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Yes, not only it's possible as desirable you make your own pnach files Smile The threads exist actually since it's too long to explain in an unique post.

Still I suggest you using fuzzymilliped utility to help constructing it, that will help both of you for your feedback can help him to polish the program too.
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thanks but my problem already solved but thnx again

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