mana khemia help>?
i cant get to world map even if i turn ee rec off?.... so help? Laugh

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You could not. There is gustfix patch, that helps with this issue, but this patch is destructive and not to be included in trunk.
i dont know what ure talking about Sad any way to get the patch?.
Search in forum. But then you need to apply the patch and compile from sources. If you are not ready for this task, better wait.
yeah i found it but i have no idea what to do with it >.> dont know what they mean by patch svn or anythin for that matter Sad better wait for what those posts are from februari its now may >.> wait till next year? Sad hope it get fixed so jus wait for another pcsx release?.
Maybe next year, maybe sooner. Bug is known and not wery easy to fix.
i dont know not a coder >.> but hope it gets fixed

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