many thanks for closing the thread
Nice i just did what you asked me.

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Still, unless you can prove you own the 5 or 6 ps2s you got those BIOSes from, it's piracy.
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The rules says that i cant ask help for a pirate bios or give the link to a pirate bios.
I asked for a help in that game i didnt ask you about the BIOS and i havent Linked anything about it.
Well, I've only seen one person here that owns more than 5 ps2s, and I don't think even they dumped the BIOS rom from all of them.
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you dont make the rules here and unless you can prove you have those ps2 that you got the bios from this will be closed to.
Regardless of if you're asking for the help with the bios files or not, they are still involved with what you are asking for help with because you're using them.

When you can prove you own them all, send one of the mods a PM of a picture of those ps2s with your username in the picture, we will revoke your warning and reopen your thread
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