marvel nemesis rise of the imperfect : crash during loading screen before a fight
i am using pcsx2 1.5.0 of course , did anyone managed to play that game in the emulator without experience any crash ? if so , how did you fixed it ?

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There's no fix for Marvel Nemesis currently, it's broken and unlikely to get fixed due to a issue with our COP2 implementation iirc.
i don't know anything about the COP2 implementation , can you tell me something more ?
This game have some issue with 00557688 cfc2 a0,vi14 ,and with 00558708 cfc2 v0,vi14
At least sony did something to those offsets (on US version) to make it work on ps3, where issue was exactly the same. They used values like this in their config:

Param 1 : 04FFF000 (?)
Param 2 : 00000000 (?)
Param 3 : 00030002 (type 2, count 3) (Fix on Interpretation?)
Param 4 : 00000011 (1st value only gets compared, if passed check 2nd value)
Param 5 : 5DCE7F7A (2nd value only gets compared, if passed use third value + ? (1?) )
Param 6 : 00000214 (third value)
Param 7 : 00020003 (type 3, count 2) (type 3 ?)
Param 8 : 10557688 (address)
Param 9 : 10558708 (address)

Where above seems to be 3 different compatibility functions closed in one command.
There is no more info what it actually does, but maybe this will help somehow (or not).
it will help surely , i am not an hacker, but it this forum suerly there are many hackers , it will be helpful Laugh

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