marvel vs capcom 2 on pcsx2 0.9.7 r3113 beta
i'm having a problem playing this game on the new beta r3113, the game starts fine up to selecting my 3 characters and the loading screen VERSUS comes along then the emulator crashes. i have the emulator on default settings, using my ps2 USA bios and with no speedhacks enabled. i can actually run the game fine on r1888 but since r3113 is alot faster i'm actually using it on all of the games that i play. can someone help me. much appreciated. Smile

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maybe the game doesnt play on that version, keep using the 1888 that works fine, but you can try to use superVU cause maybe thats the reason it hangs
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I can play it just fine, any kind of errors in the console log? emulog? Running it from iso or disc?
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use CDVDolio plug-in instead of Linuz-ISO plug-in.
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well apparently i created a new iso file from the old disc that i have and it played quite nicely, i think my old iso was corrupted somehow. anyways thank you for your comments xD

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