max payne settings
just wondering if anyone got any good max payne settings. i have v 0.9.8 r4600 and version 1.0 r5350 both in separate folders. i even have a 1.0 with with all the plugins together, i cant get it to work in 1.0 even with the r4600 plugins. and i've gotten it to work better in the 0.9.8 better but sometimes it still has some bugs and crashes. ive tried so many combination and my friend helped me too but we have ran out of ideas some I'm asking the net for some ideas. oh my spu2 i have r5324 2.0.0, 4600m 1.4.0 , 4799 2.0.0.

My computer specs
intel core i7360 3.30ghz 6 core
16.0 gb ram
geforce gtx 690

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PAL or NTSC? Your settings? Also, try reinstalling 1.0 and use the default plugins and settings.
see the compatibility list and check if game is compatible or not

btw is there an in game bug or emulator is crashing?
its the ntsc and i have tried reinstall 1.0 and but perhaps one more shot wouldnt kill. and the emulator crahes more so 1.0. which im starting to think its a complaity issue cause it seemed to working fairly good on 0.9.8. and my setting are below which i have 1.0 set up prety much the same way since i got it working first on 0.9.8 better first.
gs: gsdx 4600 (msvc 15.00 sse41)
settings direct3d11 hardware
interlacing none
custom 1920 1080
texting filerting logarithmic z and alpha correction

spu2-x r4600m 1.4.0
setting catmull rom
disable effects processing on
1x normal reverb volume
xaudio 2
time stretch

in core gs settings i left everything alone expect speed hacks
ee cycleate 2
vu cycle steal 0
intc spin detection enable
wait loop dection enable
mvu flag enable
(11-01-2012, 02:37 PM)Gardner94 Wrote: working fairly good on 0.9.8.

Does it also crash with that version? If the game works with it, just use that version for the mean time.
Try without speedhacks first.
If that doesnt do the trick, try software mode
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RAM : 16 Go

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