I'm planning to format my pc and i just wanted to know where the saves that i make on the memcard in pcsx2 go? do they go into documents or something? sorry for my noobish question.

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They go in the memcards folder in your PCSX2 directory. If you installed into the default location, it would be at C:\Program Files\PCSX2\memcards for 32-bit OS, or C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2\memcards for 64-bit OS.
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ok, so as long as i back up the memcards folder i should be fine, right? Thanks
Also if you are using save states, backup the sstates folder.

In fact, just backup the whole PCSX2 folder. You should be able to run PCSX2 just by copying the folder. I don't think the installer writes any registry keys etc.
If it doesn't work straight away, just use the PCSX2 installer again and it'll overwrite any components that aren't correctly installed.
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