memcard's and FF10
Hey guys, my first post, Tongue

I just got v. 1474 and am trying to run FFX on my laptop. When I try to run the game though, the emulator says, "Failed loading memory card from file" It says that for both memory cards. Then "can't create gsLog.txt" And "GSinit error: -1". I can get the game running on ver. but the fps doesn't go above 20 during the opening scene. My laptop's specs are a little low endish but I was wondering if the beta could help a bit. Smile
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.0 Ghz)
3 gigs Ram
vista 32-bit
Nvidia 8400 GT
I don't know if this if part of the problem or not, but, I didn't see a new/updated bios (if necessary) in the beta so I using the 2096 one.

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Not a bug report,moved.
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