memory allocation error
Hi, when I start psx2 playground latest beta vm528 it gives error and wont start.
Here is log file:

PCSX2 Playground (beta) - compiled on Jan 1 2009
Savestate version: 7a300011
CPU vender name = GenuineIntel
FamilyID = 1
x86Family = Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz
CPU speed = 3.511 Ghz
Cores = 1 physical [2 logical]
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfebfbff 0000441d
x86EFlags = 00000000

Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1

Failed to alloc vu0mem 0x11000000 487

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If you're running windows vista you have to right click the .exe and choose to run as admin. If you still get that problem past that just reboot your pc then run the .exe as admin again before running anything else and that will solve your problem.

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