memory card :S
anyway to move my r3113 memory card to the newest version of pcsx2?

when i try it cant find anything

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Copy the mcd file in the memcard folder of r3113 to the same folder of r3878
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thats what i originally did but it says the memory card is empty in game Wacko
Make sure the memcard appears as being enabled in r3878 "config > memcards" also check in the bios if the files still appear there to make sure you are using the correct memcard ("cdvd > no disc" then "system > boot cdvd (full)") and if it's not you may have to select the folder to the old memcard folder with "config > memory card > browse".

Oh remember to keep backups of your memcards constantly just in case Tongue2
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i got it 2 work thx for the help

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