memory card issue

Sorry for being a total newbie, but i do not have any Memory Card Files in the Memcards folder. How can i create Images of my Ps2 Memcards? is that illegal? Or is it mayme just enough to create an empty file with *.ps2 ending?

Some sort of error-messages says me that those memcard files are missing just before pcsx2 crashes even when i'm starting my bios...

thanks a lot for fast answering!

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FAQ has your answer:
FAQ Wrote:My settings are not being saved / Error creating memcard

Right click on pcsx2.exe and select 'Run as administrator' (Vista / Windows 7 only) and/or install PCSX2 on a folder you have rights to write (like My Documents)

Wish people would bother reading it.
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I'm sorry :X

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