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memory card save
Hi, when I installed PCSX2 on my computer and looked at the folders, I found out that there was nothing in the memcard folder.What should I do?Should I download anything?Please help me with thisUnsure

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Just play pcsx2 and memcard will be there but dont forget to format that memcard in bios runing.
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Thanks!But how do you format the memory card?
Okay I'm no expert but this is one way of doing it, had the same problem once.
Open up PCSX2 and click on config and then Configure.(New window will pop up).
On Cdvdrom select Linuzappz Iso CDVD 0.7.0 and then click the Configure box. (New window will pop up).
Click on Select Iso box. (New window will pop up).
Where did you install PCSX2 tried to find (bios) when found open the folder and select your currently Configure SCPH ***** . I'm currently using SCPH-70004 then click OK restart PCSX2 goto file run CD/DVD and then format the memory card. Hope this works for you.
or just use Null cd/dvd plugin
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(02-14-2009, 11:46 AM)Roy464 Wrote: Where did you install PCSX2 tried to find (bios) when found open the folder and select your currently Configure SCPH ***** .

And don't forget to dump your own bios from your PS2 instead of maybe using one you accidentally downloaded. Anything else is illegal. How to do this and many other things can be found in the official guide:
Reading the OFFICAL GUIDE can answer 90% of your newbie questions
SEARCHING the forums can answer 90% of your advanced questions.

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