mgs3, disabled postprocessing
I got mgs3 to work almost perfectly, running at fullspeed mostly and looks very crispy and beautiful =)

But I cant see the picture of the people I talk to during codecconversations because postprocessing for mgs3 is disabled in gsdx plugin and that bothers me alot =(

But After some googling I found out this:

"In the file GSState.cpp for MGS3
skip = 1000

i've tried 170 and now i can see the photos in the radio menu
i've tested this will not slow down the game and wil not create other bug
here's the screen"


But I dont know how to change this "state" value, dont got any gssstate.cpp :/

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That's a source file. You'll have to download the GSdx source from the PCSX2 SVN, modify the file and compile the plugin
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