mgs3 problems running

I am new to all this so please bare with me. I am in sweden and left my ps2 at home so thought i would try and download an emulator. I have mac os x 10.6.8 on a macbook pro.

I have pcsx2 which opens fine and i have a bios file to configure with it. When I try to open metal gear solid 3 iso file I get a black window with a counter on the top (fps) which just counts up and up.

How do I get the game to run?


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The Mac port of PCSX2 has low compatibility with games at this time. Your best bet is to use Wine and run the windows PCSX2 version through that.
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thanks i will try that.
I downloaded wine ok. But when I try to run the windows version of pcsx2 through it I get this in the terminal:

protocol number 1987521652 not found; You might want to add this to /etc/protocols
fixme:winsock:convert_af_w2u unhandled Windows address family 1174945351
fixme:winsock:convert_socktype_w2u unhandled Windows socket type 687478884
wine: Unhandled page fault on write access to 0xffffffff at address 0x4c261b (thread 0009), starting debugger...

And also a pop up window from X11 which is below. Any suggestions???


ok so I managed eventual to get pcsx2 to install via wine and I can start it up with wine. But when I try to run an iso file i get a pop up window, something about XAudio2 Engine and DirectX (attachment below). Do I need to download one of these and if so do I need it for windows or mac?

Try setting SPU2-X to directsound or SDL instead of Xaudio2
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Im just getting a black X11 window that says "PCSX@ | State 0" at the top. Is it just a question of the right configuration? Would it work straight off with the actual disk? (I can have it sent to me)
Try setting GSdx to SDL or DX software mode, sorry I can't be of much help since I have no idea of Macs or Wine Tongue
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if you have windows, maybe it would have been a better idea to use bootcamp Wink
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no windows im afraid. i got res evil 4 to work on my mac pcsx2 apart from speed and sound have issues, so i think its just mgs3 thats a problem.

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