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mgs3 snake eater
There are certain spots in the game where the FPS goes down a bit, it's pretty normal, apos 3000. Anyway, I limited my FPS to 80 just for fun Laugh
[Image: pibjimh9rqzvk1yz5kl.jpg]


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i want to see that pretty intro Tongue maybe it causes the game to crash thats why it skips that part.. do u guys can watch the initial intro after konami shows up on the screen?
[Image: pibjimh9rqzvk1yz5kl.jpg]

something like this >>>>

i love that intro and that song Smile
Yeah it's nice but you can't see it Smile Well, at least you can watch on U Tube Laugh
[Image: pibjimh9rqzvk1yz5kl.jpg]

i can see the intro on pcsx2 you can see it if you save after the virtoous mission i mean if you enter the snake eater mission and save you can see it then after the logos when the game starts
are you sure??? so i just need to save the game and then restart my pg emulator? but when? after the first save u can do after getting back your backpack? well, gonna check that now Tongue

p.s: na.. i cant watch that movie, and i saved after retreiving my backpack
no there is the virtouos mission i told you after the virtouos mission after the boss throws im in the river then the snake eater mission starts when you enter the snake eater mission just save and check back Tongue
ah ok i will do that.. btw i get around 25frames sometimes because my cpu reaches 99% busy, so i will try to overloock him from 3.16ghz to 3.8ghz at least
do you have mtgs enable ? and all speed hacks ? the user gentleman has send pics from his config use theese config to get greater speed Smile

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