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mgs3 snake eater
(03-08-2009, 11:31 AM)apos2009 Wrote: can i ask something is there some diffrent between the US version of the game and the European ? in the compatibility list says that Us v is playable but the european in game i have the E edition

The European version has been tested with 0.9.4 and not with the new 0.9.6 that's why it is noted as ingame but chances are it works with 0.9.6 just like the US version now
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I'm getting the shaking camera or screen rather in MGS3 Substance. I tried the few settings on\off (mainly speed hacks) but have yet to get it to play steadily. Though it does run pretty smooth besides the shaking.
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Cycle through the interlacing options with F5 until it stops
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