micro Vu1 cost slow down overall speed, but micro Vu0 work perfectly....
First off, thanks cottonvibes hard work for long time.

rev 1279 could be using micro VU beta.

I found some strange performance down only on micro Vu1 when selected.

micro Vu0 "only" has no problem, and boost about 5% compare Super VU.

micro Vu1 "only" will reduce overall fps from 137~143 fps to 89~101 fps.

I know micro VU is still beta stage,
but only vu1 has problem.....

.....any idea ??

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I wouldn't ask for support about features that are barely implemented.
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(05-28-2009, 07:49 AM)KrazyTrumpeter05 Wrote: I wouldn't ask for support about features that are barely implemented.

Thats true indeed i dont even know that Blink
well it only went in a couple of revisions ago, not exactly rocket science Tongue anyway closing for now, let it develop, when hes ready to say its fully functional, then you can consider asking for support with it, until then there is little to no point.

However i will say that VU0 will be dependant on the game, not every game uses it extensively, but VU1 is used pretty much constantly, so any differences are unlikely to be seen. Games i know use VU0 a lot are Tekken Tag Tournament and Metalgear Solid 3, others im not sure on.
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