I don't know if i missed this in the readme, but is there any advantages with these options enabled in term of speed and compatibility, thought i read somewhere it is recommended over denormals are zero or something and with the speed hacks, specifically, the status flag hack, Min/Max Hack, and the VU cycle stealing, do the microVU options in the CPU section need to be enable in order to take advantage of these hacks? are these better for more 3D oriented games or 2D games?


Q6600 OC 3.6ghz
SLI 8800s 1gb each
4gb ram 5-4-4-12
Win7 x64

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microVU is a new VU recompiler made by cottonvibes. In general, it has higher compatibility than the old one at the cost of some speed, so use it at your discretion. The only hacks that can be used only with microVU on, are the ones that note microVU only (obviously)
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