microVU max cache size
In microVU.h there used to be a line of code that allowed me to change the max size of the microVU cache -

"#define mVUcacheMaxSize ((mVU->index) ? (_1mb * 10) : (_1mb * 10)) // Max Size allowed to grow to"

This code has been removed in recent versions and i'm wondering how to change the microVU max cache size in the new versions. This was a GREAT option to change via code as it enabled some games such as Scarface to run properly. The issue with games such as Scarface is that once the microVU cache fills up to a certain point it bogs the game down to 1-2fps within seconds. By keeping the cache size small and flushing it when it does fill keeps the game running at full speed. This issue needs to be addressed as it should be a somewhat simple fix and could benefit many games.

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You can always just use superVU instead Tongue2
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(12-08-2010, 08:39 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: You can always just use superVU instead Tongue2

The game crashes immediately if superVU is used Tongue2
You have a pm, kickstand.

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