midnight club 3 dub edition remix full speed
it works at full speed prob more than 60fps(got it capped at 60)
on my e6750 oc'ed to 3,4ghz now
2gb ram

using pcsx2 r1888,gsdx 2693
and zerogs r2592 nothing checked(much better this way)

gsdx is on direct3d 10(hardware) on dx9 it hangs the min u step on the gas,unplayable that way
on native resolution,if i bump up antialiasing it lags a lot,if i use a higher resolution lags a lot again

speed hacks: x2cycle rate
IOP x2 inabled
idle Loop fast forward enabled
status flag hack enabled
and vu cycle stealing on moderate(doesn't seem to do any harm so why not)

min/max hack causes hangs,don't try it

prob with a very good cpu you could try a better resolution or up scaling
but i really can't
[Image: 2wheels.th.jpg]
[Image: 54170754.th.jpg]

btw i had an acc here but i lost it,so i made a new one today Tongue
on my birthday Laugh

if anyone has a very good cpu oc'ed to 4ghz or smth try it,i want to see how well it works
also any suggestions are welcomed,i haven't messed around with the advanced settings yet on this game

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