miracles for sotc?
hey guys, are there any miracles that can be performed to get sotc to run awesome/better? when i turn vu cycle stealing up all the way it runs at full speed, but the graphics are far to glitchy to be playable...any way to fix those glitches? (besides turning it down)

but yeah, and secret awesome ideas for speeding up sotc?

oh, and my proccessor is a core 2 duo 2.26 ghz...i can run kingdom hearts perfectly, but i haven't tried much besides that...

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uh I dont think any game works well with vu cycle stealing that high i dont go higher than moderate myself.

Try using the native checkbox in gsdx?
hey! native really helped get rid of the glitches! sure, now the resolution is crappy (i've been playing on 1920x1200, which works awesome for kingdom hearts), but now, the glitches seem to have died down enough, thats it's playable..at full speed!!! any other tips out there?
Wait for the emulator to get faster. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the poorest performers on the emulator right now. Nice and sloooooooow.
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for getting it to look right for the most part on higher resolutions, make sure that in the game, you have 'progressive scan' turned on in the options, this fixed it for me.

SOTC actually performs reasonably well, compared to many other PS2 heavyweights like MGS3, which offers very little improvement with VU cycle stealing, and has even worse graphical corruption, unless on GSDX software mode.

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