missing triangles?
I haven't seen this issue since playing megaman legends 2 in epsxe. I think I ended up using software rendering because I was told it was an ATI bug. I'm not sure.

There are triangles missing on all the characters in megaman X command mission, as shown below. I'm running a mac with an ATI Radeon HD 2600 (showing up as a Radeon 2400 XT in XP when running boot camp) I'm having trouble even getting the mac version to start up, but yes I am aware there is a mac build.


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Try the newest beta and the newest plugins if you don't already do so. You can find them here. They will fix some bugs, perhaps yours is among them.
Rejoice, they say. Color is back.
I googled it again and found out something...
To get rid of the bug:
set both clamps to zero
GSDX 0.1.14 (SSSE3) - enable logarithmic Z

Now other than the occasional framerate issue, it runs great! It really struggles with the menus though, which is odd.

This would be a fine solution for me if there was a GSdx equivalent in the Mac build. ZeroGS in both the windows and mac version have a ton of graphical glitches! I'll post this in the mac area too.

When I try to use the ZeroGS plugin, the graphics are REALLY messed up! It doesn't seem to align tiles properly (example, the title screen.) In both versions, it's as if it's reading the texture pallet incorrectly (not recognizing boundaries between the textures/not knowing where one texture stops and another begins) if that makes any sense.

Let me know if you need screenshots.
Nah, it's known that the Zero GS plugins are very buggy. Emulation is spotty and the rendering slow.
ZZogl is being worked on still and maybe it'll become better over time, but for now use GSdx on windows.

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