model flag bug maybe(not coder just played a few 3d rpgs to notice this across games)
this is a general problem you may already know it you might not but when certain models come up in these games and i will be specific the game slowls down to a halt if i move my char so the game dosent directly view them the game speed dramaticly increases just by not looking at them also severe/medium slowdown occurs at the beginning of kingdomhearts 1 and 2 but after that runs pretty smooth through the whole game except at certain places

this slowdown occurs most often with npc or special version models of existing npc's it rarely occurs with this most often happens in cutscenes but rarely happens in normal battle with the same models

Example is destiny islands if im viewing selphie the game slows down quite a bit as well as the other guys on the island soon as i remove her from my view IE no longer onscreen the game speeds up although destiny islands itself is fairly slow once you get past it the game speeds up significantly and runs at a normal speed

another example is kingdom hearts 2 again same thing opening level twilight town is jittery in that diffrent cutscenes and even moments within cutscenes can be jittery but once you get past it the game speeds up significantly with the exception of hollow bastion courtyard with the diffrent weapon/accesory vendors which slows you down yet the flashy seemingly cpu/gpu intensive combat does not.

another example is xenosaga which i am playing and working through slowly on psx 0.9.7 the opening fmv plays wonderful and smooth the ingame cutscenes of the outside ship and of everything else even the flashy gritty phase runs smooth the moment i see and the game therefore draws kos-mos with her helmet down the game slows to a crawl, for a few brief moments when you trigger the start of real combat cutscene and it draws the walls going up when kos-mos is no longer on screen the game returns to normal speeds and then slows back down when she returns on screen in the same cut-scene


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ill post more specifically on xenosaga as i go through it seeing if the game like kingdom hearts 1 and 2 speeds up once i get past the beginning part of it unfortuantly i can only be broad in my descriptions of kh 1 and 2 as its been a while since i played them but basicly starting area for both games suffered alot of slowdown when viewing npc's in cutscenes and ingame once you got passed the starting area though game ran smoothly for the most part
Sounds like some aspect of your PC isn't quite enough to deal with the occasional heightened demand from the emulator. A slow down here, a slow down there. This isn't unusual...

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