monster hunter online game
hi all, i've used the search function without success, so i'm creating a new thread

i want to play to monster hunter in online mode, by connecting my pcsx2 to the same one on another pc (something like a LAN)

is this possible? or if there is something similar...

thanks in advance for your answers

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you could try xlink Kai but Idon'tknow if it works with pcsx2
before using that type of program, i need to know if it is possible to connect two pcsx2 between them to play in LAN

for example monster hunter:
1st- i create a character with the new game option and then i save the game and restart the game

2nd- i can now select the "continue" option, and when i select my character, it asks me in what game mode i want to play ("city" is online game, "village" is solo game), i select "city"

3rd- it asks me to save a "net" file in the memory card, and then to configure the network, but if i try to change the network settings, this is what i get

[Image: 26672001.jpg]

i want to know if it's possible to fix this issue

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