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mortal kombat shaolin monks
Wait wait wait,what're u all thinking ??
What i said before,i installed Intel Hd Graphics driver from windows update.unfortunately it comes with full package in my computer.Intel Hd (default),Intel Hd 3000,Intel HD 4000.
Ok now understand it device manager my updated graphic card is showing Intel Hd graphics ok.
I didn't install Intel Hd 3000 separately for my computer.
It is that came with Default from windows update (Full package
).what i only did was.
Went in device manager,Right clicked on my Intel Hd Graphics & clcicked on update device software.
Then clicked on browse from my computer,then Let me pick from list.then unticked show compatible hardware.
What're u thinking now?
It won't be compatible with my hardware.nah u're all wrong.
Note-what windows said sometimes if u install another hardware it may give u performance boost.
So i clicked on Intel Hd 3000 in right side & clicked on update.
Then a message comes are u sure
i said yes.For u'r information it didn't give me any problem till doing opposite it giving me performance boost.
So what this states my pc compatible with Intel Hd 3000 architecture (whatever it's called)
and it's for 2nd pc is also 2nd generation.
About yash the gamer wrote.
I wrongly installed wrong version Intel Hd 3000.yash it's common u'll get freezes because u updated it to previous geneartion driver.
Btw i get no freeze in any game if i update to Intel Hd 4000 either.
So the moral of the story is My pc compatible with Intel Hd 3000,not with Intel Hd 4000.
Thanks Smile

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thx i might try it hope it works
Yeah it'll definitely work.
If i can play most games at normal speed.u can also cheers Smile
uhm where i download the graphics 3000? didn't find it any where
What i said before ?
U don't need to download Hd 3000 driver.
Just update u'r graphic card from intel official site.
Then finish installing,then go to device manager.
Click on display adapters.u'll see Intel Hd graphics,right click on it.
Then click on update device software.choose browse from my computer option.then choose Let me pick from list.
Then untick show compatible hardware.In right side u'll see Intel Hd on it & update.
If any message come click'll start installing the software.
Then u're done.congratulations u have now Intel Hd 3000 Smile
mhm didn't see it saw only
intel ® hd Graphics family and Standard VGA Graphics adapter
oh then u downloaded wrong driver.first u should install driver from windows update then from intel official site with automatic update utility.i also installed wrong driver before intel Hd graphics family.then i installed it from that windows update gave me.
Then from official site i updated with update automatically detects u'r graphic card.
but first u should install it from windows uninstall it & install correct driver from windows update.
(05-25-2013, 08:39 AM)Preet Wrote: Btw i get no freeze in any game if i update to Intel Hd 4000 either.
So the moral of the story is My pc compatible with Intel Hd 3000,not with Intel Hd 4000.
Thanks Smile

The moral of the story is that you're confused between hardware name and driver name. Your explanation is completely weird.
So much operations to update a graphic driver while you can simply download a package and then run it ?

That´s.... Er... Let's say "strange"
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@preet dont take it personally preet but maybe jesalvein is right i think u confused in hw and driver..or u trying to say that ur hardware is capable for hd 3000. but seriously trust me if u install an 4000 driver in 3000 capable hw ...the graphic intensive apps was frezzes.....
Ok Smile

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