mouse coordinates as analog stick position

I was just wondering if there was a way to bind my mouse's x and y coordinates (not x and y change in coordinates) to the analog stick. For e.g, if I had my mouse cursor at the top center of the screen, it would be maximum up of the left analog stick, and if I had it in the top right corner, it would be maximum up of the left analog stick and also full right of the right analog stick. This is because I'm used to using combined mouse steering and throttle in Beamng, and was wondering if I could do the same type of setup for GT4. I've tried mapping the mouse x and y movement to the corresponding actions using Lilypad, but then it just means that I have to continuously move my mouse upwards if I want to accelerate my car, or left if I want to steer left. Been searching for a while, and would really appreciate any help  Biggrin

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