moving saves
I am a little curious about moving saves from the PCSX2 to a PS2, is it possible?

Because I've started a game I like in the PCSX2, but I'm renewing my GameFly account today (so what the hell, just play it on my PS2) and my PC and the Emu does not really run it as well as I'd like.

cuz the PCSX2 does not recognize Codebreaker discs and I can't locate my Codebreaker disc to put the files on my memory card through a flash drive. =|

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Yes, of course it is possible.
1. Export your savegame from PCSX2's memory card file "Mcd001.ps2" using MYMC utility.
2. Import previously exported savegame files to PS2 Memory Card using uLaunchELF utility.

Here are info on how to use them:
- How to use the myMC tool to import/export saves from PCSX2.
- uLaunchELF Original Documentation.
- Youtube: How to backup PS2 save data files from Memory Card.

You can also try to transfer exported save files to PS2 Memory Card using CodeBreaker CD. But first you have to convert the files into CodeBreaker format (*.cbs).
PS2 Save Builder can help you with it:

Good Luck!
thanks so much, I also found my codebreaker cd =)
I just wanted to stop in and say thanks again. Also to leave the solutions to the issues I had with these methods behind in this thread.

I could not get MYMC to work at first, I had to download both msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll and put them in the MYMC directory, after that everything worked fine.

I also had trouble with PS2 Save Builder. I run Windows 7, and I had to Right Click > Properties > Compatibility > Run in Compatibility Mode > Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Saved my save as a CBS, put it on my PSP, hooked it up to the PS2 with Device Manager open in Codebreaker, and it all went without a hitch. =)

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