ms gundam project pegasus graphic error
I Recently found a gundam game i had been looking for, but when i try to play it i only see a small strip of the game screen (to the far left) i can still work the menus fine i can hear the selection moving up and down.

the game is mobile suit gundam on year war project pegasus.
help would be greatly apreciated Smile.

gs: gsdx-sse2-r4600
direct 3d11
weave bff
native res

system: nvidea gtx 420
amd quad core 2.80 ghz
4 gb ram
win 7 64 bit


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A bit more information about which settings u use that aren't default also download one of the SVN Versions and try the MTVU hack, it helps quite alot with CPUs with 3+ cores and gives a slight if not big fps gain Smile Make a screenshot within PCSX2 (The little camera button) with ur settings.
what settings? core gs? sorry im a noob first time having any trouble thanks for the help though Smile
Don't worry about being a newbie, everybody has some issues getting this program to run decently with games, but once u know the program, u do stuff almost near automatically. Eitherway the settings I mean are from your Plugin Tab under ur settings, your speedhacks settings. And like I said, since u're using 0.9.8 try one of the later SVN versions, which perhaps might fix your problem. Which u can get here
being a newbie require you to rtfm actually.
naoan u can really be a bit more nicer, I've seen some responds from u, where u bite the newbies heads off Smile
I believe my post answer his question better than directing him straight to svn page.
Not really, cause mostly other people from here which are more well known with PCSX2, mostly recommend to try/download the latest Revision, since those revisions fixes quite alot of issues, eitherway don't feel offended or anything I don't mean it in a bad way, just saying something what I noticed Smile
okay here are my setting, im gonna try the suggested hacks two. sorry about the long response time work has been crazyyy

gs: gsdx 4600, 0.1.16 (gsdx-sse2-r4600

pad: lilypad svn r4600

spu2: spu2-x r4600m 1.4.0

cdvd: cdvd gigaherz

usb: null drive 070

fw: null drive 070

dev9: null 50

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