multi-languages games support ?
PCSX2 works very smoothly on my Computer (congratulations to the dev team), but I have a little problem for which I didn't find any solutions yet.

I have some multi-languages games, but each time I'm playing one of them, PCSX2 automatically play it in english, even if I put an European Bios and even if the system menu is configured to the good language (french in my case), contrary to a real PS2 which automatically use the french language included in the game.

So, I wonder if there is any way to force pcsx2 to use the french language with those games?

Thanks a lot.

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Well if you have set the language in the bios to the right one I think you need to run games with "run > execute" to get it right.
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Oh, okay. Thanks a lot, it's working now Smile

I was using the "Run CD/DVD" or "Run ISO Image" option ^^;

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