my card or cpu
i have play FFX2 but never over 56 fps. i'm not sure its my vga card or cpu fault .
i use
P4 Coreduo 1,6 GHz
memory 2 GB
vga ati HD4650

thx for reply Wacko

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your cpu. 1,6 ghz is really low for pcsx2
Whats wrong with 56 fps?

Your CPU is at fault, but the game runs fine at 50~60 fps, so dont worry about it.

I put card, idle minded moment, i really ment CPU Wacko the 4650 is a fairly decent Around the same power as an 9600gt.
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I don't know if the card, is decent enough. I'd say is the CPU. Is too slow to run anything. Maybe you'd have luck overclocking... that if you have good cooling.
hi everyone mi pc core 2 duo 2.33 2gb ram and nvidia 7200se/7300gs i would like to know why i cant run budokai 3 and tenkanchi 3 this games run at 20-25 fps what is wrong my cpu or my video card if i buy a better video card like ati hd3850 could i run this games? please somebody aswer me and sorry for my bad english i´m salvadorean please helpme
use GSDX and look at the "xx% CPU" number. if it's around 99%, you need a better graphic card, although:
1) an ATI card may actually be worse on non-quad cores
2) a better idea may be to get an older version of GSDX (0.1.4, much faster for some games) or try ZeroGS instead.

On the other hand, if it's below 99%, you need a stronger (dual-core) CPU (or overclocking).
can you explain me that if my cpu shows 99% that mean i need a better video card? actually my cpu show 80-99% when i´m playing and i´m using that plugin gsdx
just overclock both of them and see if that solves your problem
The cpu usage indication within gsdx, shows how much a burden for the emulation gsdx is. I dont understand this 100% but i can give you a correct idea I believe. If the indication is 90%+ that means that gsdx isnt efficient with that game, and i doubt that a better gpu (video card) will offer any improvements in this scenario. Its just that gsdx need more optimazation.
The ati HD4650, is a new generation card and thus i am quite sure its more than enough for the emu. The same should go for the 7200/7300 Nvidia gpu. Bare in mind that gsdx should generally work better with an Nvidia card (iirc Gabest owns one). Lastly, the biggest improvement in the emus fps, can be seen when jumping to a faster processor.

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