my computer keeps freezing with no reason!
when i play Kingdom Hearts (1 not 2) my whole system just freeze.
its not in a fight or when theres a lot of action...
sometime it happens after 5 min some times after 20!
i dont know what is the reason...
i tryed to play with the plugins and there conf. but it didn't do any good :X
i dont know what to do!

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what are your SYSTEM specs?
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[email protected]
Gigabyte ep43-ds3l
and im running on Xp pro SP3
PCSX2 0.9.6
the game runs on 60 FPS and some time drops to 45+- when im looking on a large space
plz i need help
If your whole PC freezes - it's not very likely because that PCSX2 is the reason.
Maybe overheating, maybe virus, maybe misconfiguration. Who knows.
the probalm is in your pc not in pcsx2
update your nvidia drivers. I recently had a spate where if i had MTGS on, my system would hard lock on me, but once i upgraded my nvidia drivers to 182.50, i was fine.

give it a go. You can try without MTGS on first if you want to, just to confirm that is the issue (yes it will be slower but im sure your machine will cope Tongue)
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hmm i dont know if the problem is my computer because in other games (not on the pcsx2) i dont have a single problem
i will try to DL the latest drivers...
tnx for all of your help!
hop the drivers will help Tongue
If you run out of ideas, try

From my own experience, RAM that was going bad, but not completely gone, consistently caused a problem in one PC game, but not anything else. When I swapped out the RAM, the problem went away.


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