my emulator isnt running
so i get this message.
[Image: errorpcsx2.png]

im trying to play final fantasy x
i have dtools and made the iso
im running on GSdx10
linuz iso CDVD
any ideas?
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is this error occured for a perticular game???
use gigaherz for the cdrom and then select the drive your dtools made.... that will make the cd run.. I dont know if that will fix your problem though
Meh, don't really understand the problem but here I go.

If you created an ISO and mounted to Deamon Tools, don't do it. Unmount the game from Deamon Tools and use Linuzapps to load the ISO.

Deamon Tools causes a lot of problems, and quite frankly is not needed since you have many options to choose from to load the game using the plugins provided by pcsx2.
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Loading games from mounted images?! Ive thought of that one time but never really done it Laugh
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