my f710 logi tech controler wont work on the emu
so im having trouble making my f710 controller work on the emulator any one else have or had this problem and knows how to fix it

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not even close to a bug report.
moved to general discussion.
which problem do you encounter exactly ? any error message ?
are you using lilypad ?
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no error messeges just the emu sees the gamepad I can even test the game pad but when I start up the game nothing happens when I push buttons on the gamepad the game is tales of the abyss by the way
did you configure lilypad under config>controller>lilypad?
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yes pretty sure the settings are what there suppose to be
Can't you just move around but the rest is working?

If nothing is working:
Are you sure that you have set each button on the gamepad to one action of the emulator? Only connecting it and finding it in the inputlist is not sufficient.

If only analog inputs are not working:
You can play around with sensitivity of the buttons (set it higher). This can also be done in the button configuration panel.

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