my games are slow [specs inside]
I have a Dual core 2.9ghz
4gigs ddr 3 ram
w/ a Radeon 6670 (pretty good) video card.

FFX (AND kingdom hearts 2) work(s) completely fine... str8 up perfect, w/e...

Tomb Raider Legend is completely unplayable!
God of War 2 is in slow motion and TERRIBAD.

There just HAS to be something I can do to fix this... if FFX works like a charm [same with KH2] (basically like it would on the console)... why would Tomb Raider and God of War be so unimaginably unplayable like this?

I've tried setting the resolution from 1024x1024 to 512x512- it looks awful and still doesn't play correctly.

Would anyone be so kind as to help me config my emulator for God of War 2 and Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot... games like that, avoiding the terrible SLOWWWWMOOOTTTTTIONNNNNN.

I've researched this, I have the old/new bios, both don't work with GoW2/Tomb Raider... could it be the roms? I don't think it is.

I appreciate your time/help and patience with me in this matter.


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wat kind of pcsx2 do u have
try downloading bt3
I'm sorry, what is bt3?

Thanks btw
dragon ball z budakai tenkaichi 3
This isn't going to fix my emulator issue with the game I want to play the most (Tomb Raider)- is it?

Would you recommend I grab an older version of Pcsx2? Is there any recommendations (besides a dbz game) on what may work console-like on the emulator? How are some people able to run GoW2 on worse computers and I am unable?
becuase there processor is high like 4.4ghz

and certain game work on certain pcsx2

visit this site it will tell u which game work on which pcsx2
(01-26-2012, 04:54 AM)vegeto Wrote: try downloading bt3

Or NOT. No piracy talk on these forums.

To OP: GOW2 is far more demandin than FFX and KH2. I don't have the game myself but I believe your processor is too weak.
u need a processor over 3.0mpz

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