my pcsx2 is slow

I new here my questions is
Why my pcsx2 is very very slow???!!!! my pc is asus m4a78t-e with processor amd phenom x3 720 black edition , 2gb DDR 3 and ati sapphire hd 4850 512 mb.

the version from pcsx is 0.9.6 helpme pls
pd excuse me for my terrible english Laugh

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This is the wrong forum, this part of the forum is for site related questions. Not emulator related questions...

As for it being slow on your system, it depends on your game you're playing, and settings you use. Also note that the x3 black edition is a great overclocker, going from 2.8ghz to 3.4ghz with relative ease and it gives a great boost to games in PCSX2.
Wrong section, moved.

You should also try running the latest beta which is faster and describe the game and kind of slowdown you're getting.
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