myMC help
I have an issue regarding using myMC. I'm trying to transfer the save files of one of my games onto it as a backup, but I keep getting errors. One of the errors is that it wants a msvcr71.dll, and I have already found and downloaded one. But now it just says that it has an incorrect number of arguments. What am I supposed to do?

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MyMC requires both "msvcp71.dll" & "msvcr71.dll".
The files should be put in the MyMC folder.

Quote:MyMC depends on "msvcp71.dll" & "msvcr71.dll" to work,
and it might be that these files are missing in your computer.
If so, then you will have to obtain them somehow
and add them manually to the MyMC folder.
Microsoft doesn't make these files available for download, but:
"msvcp71.dll": "".
"msvcr71.dll": "".

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