myMC won't import saves.
EDIT: I just realized the program is having a hard time opening anything & gives this error.

I've been using pre-formatted blank memory cards, & I selected Mcd001.ps2 & then I go to import the save. Once I try to do so, any save from .CBS or .MAX will not be imported. 

If you can't open the photo, the error says:

" Invalid character(s) in path
A filename cannot contain any of the following characters: / : < > | "

Here is a picture of my computer & the same consist error that I get. Yes, I'm on a Mac & yes I'm using Wine to run .exe programs, although it seemed more appropriate for me to post this here & fewer people talk in the mac thread's & I can understand anything you generally tell me to do with Windows.

Discord: ice9_ghost#8856

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It quite simply means what it says, you can't use file names that contain any of those special characters. Remove any that may appear in the files you are using and you should be good to go.

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