namco super system 246/256
Hey i know what your thinking wait why are you talking about an arcade system on a ps2 emu forum? well because these systems are basically the ps2 with a few tweaks and pcsx 2 can already run its bios.
Proof So i'm asking will their ever be support for this because i would like to play time crisis iii an iv in a cab i'm building and it's very unlikely that mame will ever even have support for these systems for a long time.

So any help?

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bump help?
Hey no were not currently interested in adding support for this system to pcsx2 sorry but maybe well do it on day who knows.
:.( i see
Of course, PCSX2 is open-source. If you have any programming experience, you could add or make something that will run the system and its games.
Want to contribute? Don't know how? Check out the PCSX2 Wiki page!

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I have everything...
well yeah that two but i can't code yet still learning Sad

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