naruto games....???????
what are the best setings for naruto ultimate ninja 4 and uzumaki chronicles 2......?..........Smile
my speecs:E2140 Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU
2 GHz procesor
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

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You will never get that game to run full speed on your system. People have problems running that on 3+ghz systems.

As for the best settings, your best bet is to either use a forum search, or to simply try various options yourself. No one has a master list of the best settings for each game and each system... it would be far to hard to keep track of.
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most probably you dont know how to configure it well,beacuse i get like 50-60 fps in naruto accel 2,i know its not the same game,but is the sequel to naruto ultimate ninja 4 but in japaneese,and it has more graphics than the older one.but actually you need a special rev too (for older machines) that im not supposed to give it to you,anyway getting a faster machine,or overcloking it will give you better results
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is silly to compare naruto games graphic and stuff with dragonball games.........?
I was jus wondering......Smile
(11-01-2009, 06:32 PM)stefano Wrote: 2 GHZ RAM
Oh my god i gotta get myself one of those Tongue. /offtopic

Ontopic: Naruto uzumaki chronicles 2 hangs at chapter 7 from what i know. And NUN4 is a little CPU/GPU hungry but you could get some nice speeds using some speedhacks i think.
naruto ultimate ninja 4 runs well but it is slowing down mostly in videos and sometimes in the play......In battle it runs always at full speed except when you make super atack then it is shown video and saometimes it slows down........Smile
Naruto uzumaki chronicles 2 I didn played yet but I will let you know what is happening during playing..........:v..........
I checked naruto uzumaki cronicles 2 it plays all the time up to 85%..........naruto ultimate ninja 4 it is more interesting.........Smile
naruto ultimate ninja 4 and naruto uzumaki cronicles 2 are like dragonball budokai tenkaichi 3 and dragonball budokai 3 or dragonball infinity world.....funny comparation.....Smile

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