nba street v3 graphical glitches
in nba street v3 there are glitches where u cant see most of the menus, and u cant see your player when creating a baller or selecting players, and it crashes in some courts. when you are actually playing its perfectly fine, maybe the sound isnt 100% perfect, but its definately playable, and at a full constant 60 fps. i was searching to see if any1 found a fix to the graphical glitches, but there is only 1 thread, this game doesnt seem to get near as much attention as some others =[. wondering if any1 has had these problems and fixed them?

im using gsdx 1846 SSEE41, dx10 (hardware), 1280 x 1280 d3d internal res, with texture filtering checked and enable output merger blur checked

my pc specs are

e8400 OC at 3.6 ghz
xfx 4890 @ 900 mhz
4 gig 1066 mhz ram

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Hey, since this was posted on 2009. I was wondering if you found a way to fix the problem, I am new to pcsx2 and im having the same problem with the same game. I really want to play it without no problems, it will be great if you can reply to this.
open your own thread, please.
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