need advice pls with Buffy tVS Chaos Bleeds
I´ve been testing this for some time and without success :-((

Every try, every option I tried, it does nothing, output is still the same(look at the attached screenshots), it seems like the problem is some source of light or something, because when I turn view to one side(usually to some wall, graphic is completely OK and when I turn the view to larger place, looking through the room from the wall, everything gets corrupted, turning view back to wall only, it gets back to ok.

Tried both ZeroGS 0.97.1 and GSdx 0.1.15(rev 1351) SSE4, with PCSX2 0.96 + later revisions till last 1329 and it´s always the same, same graphical glitches while looking to one side and everything allright after turning view to different side. It was same even before with version 0.94(but slower).

I´m not completely sure, but I think like I remember having clear picture(but with speed around 1-2 FPS) long time ago while trying the PCSX2 for the 1st time, it could be version 0.92 or something around that(but as I say, I´m not completely sure about that, long time...crappy memory...etc...).

Everytime graphic goes wrong, log starts spamming UNKNOWN VifCmd: 12(I´ve tried to search it but found nothing). After turning back to normal graphic, it stops.

My PC specs are: C2D E8400 3GHz, 4GB DDR2, GTX260 896MB, tried both DX9 version in Windows XP and DX10 in Vista(for GSdx I mean), other plugins Lilypad 0.10.0, SPU2-X 1.1.0 and Gigaherz´s CDVD 0.7.0. Game-version is SLUS_205.66, NTSC.

Plugin and settings:
CPU-EERec+VU0rec+VU1rec+MTGS(tried these on/off, nothing but speed difference
Speedhacks and Advanced-everything at default
GSdx9-Windowed/Fullscreen, Direct3D9(Hardware), PS3.0, Interlacing:None, Aspect 4:3, Native or 1024/1024 D3D Internal, Logaritmic Z+Texture Filtering(tried on/off these, nothing changed but overal picture quality with filtering), Alpha correction=off(while on, it was doing glitches in menu and loading screens, no change ingame tho...)

If anyone have any ideas about what to do, pls. I just wanna know, if I´m doing anything wrong, or it´s just not working in actual release-if so, bug report could be done or something.

Screenshot comment:
-graphic is ok on this one
-there I´ve just used analog stick to turn look around, graphical glitches starting, it will get worse after turning look a bit more
-now, it´s done...
-same, this time with ZeroGS, that´s enough screens I think

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At least for you it is working. For me it freezes at the LOADING screen, when tries to load a level, or start a new game. And yes it rolls that Unknown Vifcmd12 text on the console. I also tried many setups, different versions of PCSX2 but only the 0.9.2 was able to run it, very slow. In youtube there's a video, the game runs good:

But I couldn't find this emulator.
Core i7 920 2.66 GHz, 6 GB ram, Geforce 550Ti GTX 1024mb, Realtek HD audio, Windows 8 64 bit

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