need for speed underground running problem
downloaded need for speed underground
ran it in pcsx2 beta 1190 and in latest pcsx2 beta to
i tried all the settings but nothing in menus and in gameplay
its really slow 20 to 25 fps
but in movies runs nice solid 60 fps
my pc requirements

am2 athlon dual core 7850 at 2.82ghz
2 gig of ram
geforce 9500 gt 512 mb
windows xp

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(05-28-2009, 12:38 AM)dave31 Wrote: downloaded need for speed underground

There's your problem, we don't support piracy here.
Also NFS:Underground was released on the PC why not just get that, it'll run and look better that an emulated ps2 version.
can i just say many ps2 games what people have said will run they havent and also the compatality ive noticed is wrong they need to work more on the games
like shadow man 2 trap codes
50 cent bullet proof its green in gameplay
godfather graphics quite bad
max payne 2 only get to the writng bit no further
true crime streets of la a trap code
prince of persia warrior within only goes as far as new game then nothing
mafia same as godfather
the suffering ties that bind graphics probem
hitman contracts just crashes
and these are all original ps2 games i have u cant blame ps2 downloads they are only isos
Either way we do not allow piracy talk and we will not give support for pirated games as our rules state.
Closed and warned.
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