need help because processor i bought didnt work
So I am returning it and I am going to buy a refurbished cpu i have been finding cheap ones.
this has the processor with over 2000 in the processor speed thread and works for wwe 2k20

is this the best cheapest computer i can get or is there anything better people suggest? I was told to get a ryzen but not sure what the difference is if I can can just get this one instead it supports my game and would run the ps2 game smooth?

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Also I got nvidia gtx 750 ti and 5tb hard drive I Was wondering if I can just plug those into the new cpu i buy and they would work?
1) How much this refurbished pc cost ?

2) Your nvidia gtx 750 ti should work with your new pc, as for hard drive make sure it support sata connection.
how do you know if it supports SATA connection where does it say? The one on Newegg cost $290

and the one here on pcliquidator
is $316

now it says SATA on the PCliquidator site

but on newegg it does not tell me. What you suggest?
i think the pc liquidation one is good i can add Wifi 16gb ram and 2tb hard drive and its 391. 100 bucks more what you think?
Good idea, you can go ahead on this pc liquidation one.
okay. what about the ram though? i do have 12gb in my current computer but dont know where the ram is or how to swap it? i mean 8gb of ram fine enough? dont think i should buy the other one?

i dont mind spending 100 bucks extra to have computer good enough to last me a long time.
is it hard to take ram out of old computer and put in new computer?
1) Get the new pc with 16gb of ram. Your old rams can not be use with the rams in your new pc
(difference in clock speed and timing), just sell away the old rams.

2) It not hard to install rams but you need to have available rams slots.
ok got it thanks man

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