need help creating a save file
Ok, So I went through the save file thread and followed all the instructions. I have the iso I made for the saved game (which I loaded into the plugin and tried through the regular iso option) and the elf file. Here is my problem when I run the elf.boot file I just get a black screen. Not sure why. My PCSX2 is configured correctly. I am able to play devil May cry 2 on it fine but for some reason the elf file is just black for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

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Why you simply not run the iso? I don't really get what you mean by making iso for saved game. O.o When you have a game iso, you don't need to "Run ELF..." that's rather an option for homebrew stuff, simply when you select your iso, use "Reboot CDVD (fast)" and your game will load.

And more details, what's the game you're trying to run, and what save you are talking about?O.o Your post is simply confusing and very unclear, not even sure what are you trying to do.
oh ok. Well I'm trying to play fatal frame 3 and I get a black screen (sometimes it blinks really fast saying it cant find a save file) so I looked up on these forums and found that you could play at certain parts of the game if you loaded from a save file. So naturally I looked up how to use a save file and came across the thread detailing how to copy and paste the save file to a virtual memory card. so I'm trying to do that. this is the url for the thread I'm taking about

so I followed all the steps up until is says to run the boot.elf (to run the program to copy and paste the save file), because when I run it I get a black screen. The thread says to take the saved game file that you got from the save builder you created and create an ISO. so I did that and loaded it with the proper plugin and the to run the boot.elf. well like I said when I do that all I get is a black screen
That guide pretty old, you can just use mymc to import a save to memory card:]
you already received a warning for this game you pirated

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