need help getting my games to run good
well first off i read few post about Namco X capcom threads and find out nothing would help me out fixing my problem on run namco X capcom on my psx2 o.9.7 r3878 ver.

game problem 1

Namco x capcom fully english patched

when i start it up the OP fps goes from 60 down to 34 fps and wondering how to get it to stay up to 60+ fps.

(note: i have try zero GS plugin and it works fine clear up the black bar lines thats going down that shows up on gsdx-ssse3-r3878 same thing goes for my other games i try playing but when it comes to game play its not so good it shakes and the weapons that they have on become green blocks lol)

Game problem 2

Super robot taisen OG

well it seems to have some graphics (black bar lines?) problems and on top the fps slows down when OP starts same thing happends when like event parts plays it SLOOWs down alot lol sounds is also messed up while playing it seems runs very sloow to.

Game problem 3

Gundam seed destiny Generation of C.E

well every working great but only thing i get is small problem which happends to be in every game i play lol the graphics thing it shows like black bar lines when i do special skills some of the characters faces would have black bar lines.

overall i tested and find out both Namco x capcom AND super robot taisen OG graphics wise works great on zero but have bad sound problem .

my specs

Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
2 GBs of ram
32-bit operating system
windows vista home Premium
Service pack 2
video card: Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1GB GDDR3

my settings for pcsx2

GS: GSdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.16(gsdx-ssse3-r3878)
SPU2: SPU2-X r3702m 1.4.0 (spu2-x-r3878)
CDVD: cdvdgigaherz(r3429)0.8.0 (cdvdgigherz)

well my emu settings is pretty much is on default but the only thing i have on is


EEC/VUC at 1/0 Default

everything checked that's Recommended plus mVU block Hack is checked

GS: on default
VUs: on chop/zero /None (Clamping Mode)
MicroVU Recompiler/micro Recompiler both on
plus Flush to zero/Denormals are zero both checked
EE/IOP: EE/IOP both on Recompiler
EE/FPU: chop/zero/ none (Clamping Mode)

and last the Game fixes i have turned off seeing it didn't help as much i though it would lol.

well i guess that's everything lol


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There is one way for "fixing" graphical issues with GSdx, but it is potentially slower. In the Video (GS) - Plugin Settings..., change the "Renderer" to (Software). Since you have a quad core, set the "Rendering threads:" to "3". The resolution is automatically native, but it looks better then some messed up, garbled graphics.

If that doesn't work (or is too slow), maybe try setting to the superVU recompiler(s). Other settings in the EE/IOP and VUs may help, such as "Round Mode" on "Nearest", or "Clamping Mode" on "None" may help (you did try "Normal" too, right?). Speedhacks aren't really for fixing glitches, but can help by speeding up FPS and/or causing glitches.

There is a Gamefix called EE timing hack that says "Try if all else fails". Although the Gamefixes are well labeled (some with tooltips on what games they're known to affect), there's always the chance of them fixing a game/issue that has not been tested. It's not like playing with the settings is gonna break your computer, right? Smile

One last tip; Watch the EE% and GS% on the titlebar of the game window. If either one spikes up to max (or close to it) when the FPS drops, odds are that's which of your CPU (EE%) or GPU (GS%) is the cause of your slow speed. With your 9800GT, you most likely will not have trouble, unless you have GSdx set to a bit excessively high resolution. Some games (or parts of them) may require you to lower your resolution, but your card should rarely (if ever) have a problem once you get down to native PS2 resolution. If the cause of slow speed is the CPU (EE%), the only real help there is the use of Speedhacks (or overclocking).
"Namco x capcom fully english patched"

did you try to make an iso without patching it ?
I guess the patched version wasn'tsupported in the emu basically
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go

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