need help god of war 2?
i am currently playing god of war, it playing around 70% of the speed. i reach the Lair of the Titan where the Pegasus lose balance by the raven rider because of his final attack. however i cannot pass it trying for 2 hours, the buttons aren't picking up. i tried the two analog stick and the d pad as well. i was wondering if anyone has this problem as well or is it a bug. any advice? i double check the joy pad all button working.

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i actually had this problem on PS2 it self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohmy

You know what i have done changing game Disk ! Smile
Never had such problem(well at least on my PS2...I don't know about pcsx2,my pc is not good enough for this game).

During that battle I just spin the left analog rather that moving it left and right.
thx alot guys Tongue, i tried to spin the left analog stick instead and it actually worked. i can finally enjoy it.

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